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Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University in Prague

Mgr. et Mgr. Karolína Pauknerová, Ph.D.

Research interests
· landscape
in social sciences
· material culture
· non-human
· representation of past

Education, abroad study stays

2006 – 2010    Ph.D. in Anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague; study stay at the University College London in 2008 (as a part of Ph.D.).

2004 – 2009        MA in Prehistoric and Early Medieval Archaeology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague.

2003 – 2006     MA in General Anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague; suma cum laude;     Erasmus Scholarship in 2005 at the department of anthropology, Durham University.

1999 – 2003        BA in Humanities at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague.

since 2017 membership in SIEF  (International Society for Ethnology and Folklore / Société Internationale d´Ethnologie et de Folklore) working group "Place-lore Space-lore".

Teaching and employment (excluding research projects)
2013  present researcher, Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University.
2007  2019 lecturing on (urban) landscape, supervising and opposing degree works, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University
2011  –  2013 post-doctoral fellow, Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University.
2010 – 2017 lecturing on qualitative methods at the Department of social geography and regional development at Faculty of Science, Charles University

Research and projects

2018-2023 "Nature and Culture: Historical, cultural and biological concepts of the human natural behavior" (Příroda a kultura: Historické, kulturní a biologické koncepce lidské přirozenosti), UNCE University research centre 204056, Charles University, member of the team
2018 - 2022 “Living map: Topography of the History of Natural Sciences in the Czech Lands” (Živá mapa: Topografie dějin přírodních věd v Českých zemích), programme NAKI II, DG18P02W065, Faculty of Nature, Charles University, member of the team.
2018 - 2020 “Do-It-Yourself culture and its importance for Czech national and cultural identity: Current situation in social, cultural, historical and political perspective, typology and potential for regional development” ("Kutilství a jeho význam pro českou národní a kulturní identitu: současný stav, socio-kulturní a historicko-politické souvislosti, typologie a využití potenciálu pro místní rozvoj), programme NAKI II, DG18P02OVV022, Institute of Sociology CAS, member of the team.
2017 – present     “Kokořínsko Landscape Project”, cooperation with Matthew Walls (Calgary University) and Katarína Kapustka (The institute of archaeology, Czech Academy of Sciences) in archaeological research of Kokořínsko sandstone area.
20162017 Strategy AV 21 – “Natural Hazards: Care about landscape in prevention of dangerous natural events: historical, legal and social dimensions” (Péče o krajinu v prevenci nebezpečných přírodních jevů: historické, právní a společenské dimenze), Institute of State and Law CAS, member of the team.
2015 – 2017 “Nature and Culture – Interaction of Cultural and Biological Evolution in Interdisciplinary Perspective”, UNCE University research centre 204004/2012, member of the team

2014 - 2017 "Human, Agricultural, and Climatic Impact on Ecological Rules: macroecological analysis of paleo-biological datasets", Czech-Norwegian Research Programme (CZ09), member of the team,  

2011 – 2014  "Reflections of Cultural Heritage and National Memory in Residential and Landscape Spaces", University of WestBohemia, supported from the NAKI program,  member of the team, (project website:
2008 – 2011 "East Devon Pebblebeds Project”, principal investigator ChrisTilley, KP member of the team
2008 "Human Dimension of Archaeological Sites. Phenomenological Interpretation of Dwelling Areas", Grant Agency of the Charles University - agreement no 8716/2008, principal investigator .

Organisation of conferences and conference panels
2019 Co-orgainzer of the panel:  "Landscape - the instructions manual: negotiating the meanings of landscape [SIEF Working Group Space-lore and Place-lore]"; Organizers:  Jiří Woitsch, László Mód,Karolina Pauknerova; 14-17 April 2019; SIEF2019: 14th Congress. Track Changes: Reflecting on a Transforming World. Santiago de Compostela, Spain  (
2018 member of the preparatory commitee for international conference "Spaces and Places in Transition: Urban and Rural Transformations in Central and Eastern Europe", November 2018,  conference is prepared by the working group  "Place-lore Space-lore“, SIEF.
2017 Co-orgainzer of the panel:  "Sensoriality and emotionality of home and home-making"; Organizers: Petr Gibas, Blanka Nyklová, Karolína Pauknerová and Barbora Vacková; 26-30 March 2017; SIEF2017: 13th SIEF Congress. Ways of Dwelling, Crisis – Craft – Creativity. Göttingen, Germany (
2016 Co-organizer of the panel: "
Exploring Sensescapes of Home: Smell, Touch and Taste"; Organizers: Petr Gibas, Blanka Nyklová, Karolína Pauknerová; 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology, July 10-14, 2016, Vienna, Austria (
Co-organizer of an international conference 2nd Central European Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) meeting "Material perspectives on culture: making archaeology relevant"  in Prague
2013 Co-organizer of the panel: “Built environments and human use of space: theories, methods and case studies”; Organizers: Monika Baumanova, Karolína Pauknerová and Hanna Stöger; 19th European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) Annual Meeting in Pilsen, Czech Republic, 4-8th September, 2013
Co-organizer of the panel: “Human-Landscape Interaction in Prehistoric Central Europe: Analysis of Natural and Built Environments”; Organizers: Monika Baumanová, Karolína Pauknerová, Roderick Salisbury and Gábor Bacsmegi; Theory and Method in the Prehistoric Archaeology of Central Europe, Mikulov, Czech Republic, 24-26th October, 2012
2012 Co-organizer of an international conference “Non-human in Social Science III: Past
Trajectories – Future Prospects” (
2011 Co-organizer of an international conference “Non-human in Anthropology: Limits and Boundaries of Social Science” (
2010 Co-organizer of an international conference “Non-human in Anthropology: An Interdisciplinary conference” (

(21st September, 2020)